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Lazy Wave Food Co.


Welcome to our restaurant web site!

This site is scratch-and-sniff user-friendly...
To activate sniff-protocol, simply rub nose up against food images and inhale deeply...... you are....About as close as you can get for now i suppose so it will have to do....
Our little Marisqueria (fish house) in ...
Tamarindo, Costa Rica.......

A couple of simple suggestions....
Come hungry.....plates are huge.
Eat days without fish makes one week.
Bring tastes better that way.

Blackboard Menu
Dinner's matter what the
travel books say
Open 6pm. until 10 pm.
We accept: Visa , Mastercard , Travellers Cheques ,
American Dollars, Canadian Dollars ,
and the ever plummeting Colon......

...table for two ?

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and naked pictures of all the kitchen staff.......

Phone +011+506+653+0737